Tax matters

At Reanda UK we work hard to support businesses and individuals alike, ensuring that they remain fully compliant with the UK’s HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) rules, whilst at the same time making certain that they do not pay more tax than they need to.

Our range of tax services include:

  • Self-assessment compliance
  • Tax planning for high net worth individuals
  • Corporation tax compliance
  • Company reorganisations and corporate planning
  • Sub-contractors in the construction industry
  • HMRC enquiries and investigations
  • Cross border tax issues
  • Inheritance tax planning
  • Probate services
  • VAT and cross border issues

As cross-border accounting experts, we are able to advise UK-based clients on international tax issues, particularly with regard to the payment of VAT which can be particularly complex.

Any goods which are exported outside the European Union or to VAT registered EU-based businesses are eligible for zero-rated VAT.

Any VAT on goods imported either from within or outside the EU can be reclaimed.

Generally, for business dealings involving the supply of services, the place of supply is regarded as the country where the customer is based.

Any business purchasing services from an overseas supplier needs to account for the VAT under the reverse charge. In such cases, the purchasing company charges VAT to itself and claims back the VAT on VAT taxable supplies.

Where UK suppliers deal with international personal customers rather than registered businesses, VAT should still be charged.

As cross-border VAT issues can be complicated and time consuming, it makes sense to seek expert advice from Reanda UK.

To find out more about our expertise on tax matters for individuals and businesses, please contact us.