British exports statistics revealed

According to recent figures published by the Central Statistics Office (CSO), British imports account for roughly a fifth of overall goods coming into the country, while exports currently account for nine per cent of exports.

The latest figures published showed that compared to June last year, the values of exports fell by five per cent, indicating that goods exports totalled £11 billion in the month, a decrease of £605 million on June 2018.

However, when compared to the previous month, goods exports fell by £1.74 billion, or 14 per cent in June, resulting in the trade surplus falling by a third to £4.86 billion in the month.

In June 2019, the value of exports to Britain decreased by six per cent, or £1 billion, food and live animals accounted for the biggest decline.

Nevertheless, in the first six months of this year, export values increased by seven per cent to £6.63 billion.

With regards to imports, there was a £23.75 million, or two per cent decrease in the value of UK imports in June to £1.32 billion.