Study declares the UK as the prime location for investment in the world

A new survey conducted amongst major investors and business leaders around the world has found that Britain is regarded as the world’s top investment destination for businesses.

Despite the concerns regarding Brexit, the study on corporate deal-making found that for the first time in the last 10 years the UK was placed ahead of all other nations, including the USA, as a place to invest and acquire new businesses.

Produced by a firm of international consultants, the study said that the drop in the price of the pound since the EU referendum in 2016, the growing commonality of English as a second language and an ‘open environment for foreign investors’ made the UK an attractive proposition.

On top of this, the UK work and life culture, as well as a talented workforce and the country’s growing focus on technology and innovation meant that it was deserving of the top spot.

The latest study differs significantly from a similar survey conducted just months after the EU referendum, which saw the UK placed in seventh position in international rankings.

According to the report, the sudden global interest in the UK couldn’t come at a better time as mergers and acquisitions are at a 10-year high, with 59 per cent of companies planning a deal in the next year, up from 52 per cent a year ago.

This is somewhat surprising considering that the International Monetary Fund cut its global growth forecast for this year to 3.3 per cent from 3.5 per cent due to the slowdown in the global economy due to trade tensions between various nations.

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