Reanda UK strengthens bonds with Portugal

Members of the Reanda UK team have made new connections with peers in Portugal as they look to expand the leading international accountancy group.

Reanda UK – the exclusive UK member of international accountancy and consulting network Reanda International – met with the Partners of BTOC Consulting at the firm’s offices in Lisbon.

The Portuguese firm signed a memorandum of intent to join the network at the network’s annual conference in Malaysia last year and this latest visit was designed to help the firm learn more about the Reanda International Group – an influential Asia-based network, which consists of nearly 100 offices in 22 countries.

During the visit,  Reanda UK’s team made up of Alain Stechler and Peter McMahon also learned more about BTOC Consulting and its own existing collaboration with firms in Portuguese speaking countries, such as Brazil, Cape Verde, Mozambique and Angola.

Speaking about the trip, Alain Stechler said: “This trip was very informative and we certainly learned a lot more about BTOC Consulting and in return they got some useful insight into Reanda UK and the wider network we are a part of.

“We are hoping that this this will prove to be a good way of forging new relationships in Portugal and the various countries within which BTOC provides advice.”

Reanda UK is a wholly owned subsidiary of Grunberg & Co, a leading London based UK top 100 accountancy firm, which was launched last year to help expand the network into new territories.

Grunberg & Co was selected by the network to be its exclusive UK member firm thanks to its existing well-established international approach to tax, accountancy and business advice.